#106 Threshold Policies with Tight Guarantees for Online Selection with Convex Costs
· Xiaoqi Tan, Siyuan Yu, Raouf Boutaba and Alberto Leon-Garcia

#139 One Quarter Each (on Average) Ensures Proportionality
· Xiaowei Wu, Cong Zhang and Shengwei Zhou

#178 Best Cost-Sharing Rule Design for Selfish Bin Packing
· Changjun Wang and Guochuan Zhang

#208 Randomized Algorithm for MPMD on Two Sources
· Kun He, Sizhe Li, Enze Sun, Yuyi Wang, Roger Wattenhofer and Weihao Zhu

#339 Markov Persuasion Processes with Endogenous Agent Beliefs
· Krishnamurthy Iyer, Haifeng Xu and You Zu

#386 Efficient Emission Reduction via Uniform Linear Permit Allocation Mechanisms
· Jiaqi Lu and Xingyu Lin

#399 How Good Are Privacy Guarantees? Platform Architecture and Violation of User Privacy
· Daron Acemoglu, Alireza Fallah, Ali Makhdoumi, Azarakhsh Malekian and Asuman Ozdaglar

#801 The Limits of School Choice with Consent
· Josue Ortega and Gabriel Ziegler

#819 Auction Design for Bidders with Ex Post ROI Constraints
· Hongtao Lv, Xiaohui Bei, Zhenzhe Zheng and Fan Wu

#1673 Deterministic Impartial Selection with Weights
· Javier Cembrano, Svenja M. Griesbach and Maximilian J. Stahlberg

#1754 Fair Incentives for Repeated Engagement
· Chamsi Hssaine and Daniel Freund

#2221 Sequential Recommendation and Pricing under the Mixed Cascade Model
· Pin Gao, Yicheng Liu, Chenhao Wang and Zizhuo Wang

#2422 Recovering Single-Crossing Preferences From Approval Ballots
· Andrei Constantinescu and Roger Wattenhofer

#2513 The Good, the Bad and the Submodular: Fairly Allocating Mixed Manna Under Order-Neutral Submodular Preferences
· Cyrus Cousins, Vignesh Viswanathan and Yair Zick

#2834 Best-of-Both-Worlds Fairness in Committee Voting
· Haris Aziz, Xinhang Lu, Mashbat Suzuki, Jeremy Vollen and Toby Walsh

#2843 Stable Dinner Party Seating Arrangements
· Damien Berriaud, Andrei Constantinescu and Roger Wattenhofer

#2907 Faster Ascending Auctions via Polymatroid Union
· Katharina Eickhoff, Britta Peis, Niklas Rieken, Laura Vargas Koch and László Végh

#2967 High-Welfare Matching Markets via Descending Price
· Robin Bowers and Bo Waggoner

#3176 Target-Oriented Regret Minimization for Satisficing Monopolists
· Napat Rujeerapaiboon, Yize Wei and Yilin Xue

#3656 Blockchain Participation Games
· Pyrros Chaidos, Aggelos Kiayias and Evangelos Markakis

#3671 PRINCIPRO: Data-Driven Algorithms for Joint Pricing and Inventory Control under Price Protection
· Qing Feng and Ruihao Zhu

#3680 Dynamic Multinomial Logit Choice Model with Network Effects: A Diffusive Analysis
· Qing Feng and Zizhuo Wang

#3899 Partial Allocations in Budget-Feasible Mechanism Design: Bridging Multiple Levels of Service and Divisible Agents
· Georgios Amanatidis, Sophie Klumper, Evangelos Markakis, Guido Schäfer and Artem Tsikiridis

#4118 The Incentive Guarantees Behind Nash Welfare in Divisible Resources Allocation
· Xiaohui Bei, Biaoshuai Tao, Jiajun Wu and Mingwei Yang

#4212 Binary Mechanisms under Privacy-Preserving Noise
· Farzad Pourbabaee and Federico Echenique

#4364 Stochastic Online Fisher Markets: Static Pricing Limits and Adaptive Enhancements
· Devansh Jalota and Yinyu Ye

#4526 Substitutes markets with budget constraints: solving for competitive and optimal prices
· Simon Finster, Paul Goldberg and Edwin Lock

#4549 Selling to Multiple No-Regret Buyers
· Linda Cai, S. Matthew Weinberg, Evan Wildenhain and Shirley Zhang

#4617 Information Design for Spatial Resource Allocation
· Ozan Candogan and Manxi Wu

#4813 Fair Division with Allocator’s Preference
· Xiaolin Bu, Zihao Li, Shengxin Liu, Jiaxin Song and Biaoshuai Tao

#4828 Penalties and Rewards for Fair Learning in Paired Kidney Exchange Programs
· Margarida Carvalho, Alison Caulfield, Yi Lin and Adrian Vetta

#5065 On Hill’s Worst-Case Guarantee for Indivisible Bads
· Bo Li, Hervé Moulin, Ankang Sun and Yu Zhou

#5131 Prophet Inequality on I.I.D. Distributions: Beating 1-1/e with a Single Query
· Bo Li, Xiaowei Wu and Yutong Wu

#5246 The Importance of Knowing the Arrival Order in Combinatorial Bayesian Settings
· Tomer Ezra and Tamar Garbuz

#5304 Buy-Many Mechanisms for Many Unit-Demand Buyers
· Rojin Rezvan, Shuchi Chawla, Christos Tzamos and Yifeng Teng

#5524 Online Matching with Stochastic Rewards: Advanced Analyses Using Configuration Linear Programs
· Zhiyi Huang, Hanrui Jiang, Aocheng Shen, Junkai Song, Zhiang Wu and Qiankun Zhang

#5566 Nash Stability in Fractional Hedonic Games with Bounded Size Coalitions
· Gianpiero Monaco and Luca Moscardelli

#5605 MNL-Prophet: Sequential Assortment Selection under Uncertainty
· Vineet Goyal, Salal Humair, Orestis Papadigenopoulos and Assaf Zeevi

#5643 Learning Non-parametric Choice Models with Discrete Fourier Analysis
· Haoyu Song, Hai Nguyen and Thanh Nguyen

#5729 Polyhedral Clinching Auctions for Indivisible Goods
· Hiroshi Hirai and Ryosuke Sato

#5868 Do Private Transaction Pools Mitigate Frontrunning Risk?
· Agostino Capponi, Ruizhe Jia and Ye Wang

#5876 Auction Design for Value Maximizers with Budget and Return-on-spend Constraints
· Pinyan Lu, Chenyang Xu and Ruilong Zhang

#5892 Smoothed Analysis of Social Choice, Revisited
· Bailey Flanigan, Daniel Halpern and Alexandros Psomas

#5974 Online Nash Welfare Maximization Without Predictions
· Zhiyi Huang, Minming Li, Xinkai Shu and Tianze Wei

#6043 Improved Truthful Rank Approximation for Rank-Maximal Matchings
· Jinshan Zhang, Zhengyang Liu, Xiaotie Deng and Jianwei Yin

#6208 The Multiplayer Colonel Blotto Game on the Interval and other Measure Spaces
· Siddhartha Jayanti

#6358 Improved Competitive Ratio for Edge-Weighted Online Stochastic Matching
· Guoliang Qiu, Yilong Feng, Shengwei Zhou and Xiaowei Wu

#6432 Separation in Distributionally Robust Monopolist Problem
· Hao Qiu, Zhen Wang and Simai He

#6464 A Mechanism for Participatory Budgeting With Funding Constraints and Project Interactions
· Mohak Goyal, Sahasrajit Sarmasarkar and Ashish Goel

#7040 A Discrete and Bounded Locally Envy-Free Cake Cutting Protocol on Trees
· Ganesh Ghalme, Xin Huang, Yuka Machino and Nidhi Rathi

#7167 An Adaptive and Verifiably Proportional Method for Participatory Budgeting
· Sonja Kraiczy and Edith Elkind

#7331 Near-Optimal Dynamic Pricing in Large Networks
· Mingxi Zhu, Ozan Candogan and Yuwei Luo

#7410 Price Cycles in Ridesharing Platforms
· Chenkai Yu, Hongyao Ma and Adam Wierman

#7694 Routing MEV in Constant Function Market Makers
· Kshitij Kulkarni, Theo Diamandis and Tarun Chitra

#7938 Collective Search in Networks
· Niccolo Lomys

#8047 Dividing Good and Great Items among Agents with Bivalued Submodular Valuations
· Cyrus Cousins, Vignesh Viswanathan and Yair Zick

#8122 Assortment Optimization in the Presence of Focal Effect: Operational Insights and Efficient Algorithms
· Bo Jiang, Zizhuo Wang, Chenyu Xue and Nanxi Zhang

#8166 Best-Response Dynamics in Tullock Contests with Convex Costs
· Abheek Ghosh

#8398 Most Equitable Voting Rules
· Lirong Xia

#8667 Optimal Stopping with Multi-Dimensional Comparative Loss Aversion
· Linda Cai, Joshua Gardner and Matt Weinberg

#8798 Fair Division with Subjective Divisibility
· Xiaohui Bei, Shengxin Liu and Xinhang Lu

#9357 Prophet Inequalities via the Expected Competitive Ratio
· Tomer Ezra, Stefano Leonardi, Rebecca Reiffenhäuser, Matteo Russo and Alexandros Tsigonias-Dimitriadis

#9660 Equilibrium Analysis of Customer Attraction Games
· Xiaotie Deng, Ningyuan Li, Weian Li and Qi Qi

#9759 Two-Sided Capacitated Submodular Maximization in Gig Platforms
· Pan Xu

#9779 Reallocation Mechanisms under Distributional Constraints in the Full Preference Domain
· Jinshan Zhang, Bo Tang, Xiaoye Miao and Jianwei Yin

#9879 The Price of Anarchy of Probabilistic Serial in One-Sided Allocation Problems
· Sissi Jiang, Ndiamé Ndiaye, Adrian Vetta and Qihan Wu